Redoing Your Kitchen? Tips to Make It More Kid Friendly

Your kitchen is the heart of the home — especially when you have a family to raise. If you have a kitchen that's outdated, not functional, or that you just don't enjoy cooking in, then it may be time to invest in a remodel. The tricky thing about starting a remodel, however, is that sometimes you think too much with your heart and not enough with your head, which means that a year or so after your remodel, you will realize that there are some definite flaws in your kitchen's design. Whether you have young kids or kids who are in junior high or high school,  there are areas that are worth focusing on so you create a kitchen that is kid-friendly; that way your brand new kitchen doesn't take a beating. 

Soft Close Drawers and Cupboards

You probably remember slamming kitchen cabinets and drawers when you were little either as a way to make a point or as a way to get some attention. While it may have helped you get out some anger, it probably chipped paint and wore down the wood every time something was slammed closed. 

One of the things that are definitely worth investing in is soft closed drawers and cabinets. These cabinets and drawers have a hinge that essentially slows down the force to help it close a lot softer. The benefit? Your cabinets last much longer. 

Quartz Countertops

While white marble countertops may be calling your name, they are an extremely porous material which means that they can scratch and stain really easily. As soon as a sippy cup full of juice spills on it, it may as well be ruined. One alternative to marble is a quartz countertop. Quartz countertops are a man-made material that is designed to look more like marble, but they aren't nearly as porous. In fact, you may only have to seal your countertops once or twice every few years and that's all the maintenance that you will need. Because countertops are so expensive, not having to worry about replacing them anytime soon can really be good for your budget. 

Countertop Edges

Another thing to consider with your kitchen is the type of countertop edges that you want. While straight, clear-cut edges may give you that modern look, they may be sharp for walking toddlers to bump their heads into and they may chip easily. Instead, consider going with an edge that is slightly rounded.