3 Garage Flooring Options for When You Want Something Other Than Bare Concrete

Epoxy flooring is a popular choice for a home garage since it's attractive and the coating protects the concrete floor from stains. However, you have many home garage flooring choices besides concrete. Your selection will depend on how you plan to use your garage and if you want to park your cars on the flooring too. Here are some options.

1. Sheet and Tile Flooring

For the most protection of the concrete floor, consider commercial grade vinyl sheet flooring that's made for garages. This flooring blocks spills, oils stains, and dirt from damaging the concrete. When the flooring is old and worn, it can be pulled up and replaced. The concrete under it will still be clean and in good shape. This type of flooring comes in different colors, but black and gray hide dirt from tires best. The flooring has different textures so you can choose an attractive style if you want to use the garage for watching TV or other purposes than just parking your car.

2. Mat Flooring

If you're looking for good flooring for a home gym, you may want mat flooring for your garage. This type of flooring comes in big squares that lock together. The squares are cushioned so you can work out in the garage without having to stand or sit on a hard and cold concrete floor. These mats are not suitable for vehicles. If you plan to park your car in the garage too, you'll want a different type of flooring in the car parking space. You might want stained concrete, epoxy, or vinyl for the car area and mat flooring in the area where you plan to set up your workout equipment.

3. Temporary Flooring

If you want attractive garage flooring for a recreation room or spare bedroom but you don't want to fully convert the garage, then temporary flooring might be worth considering. This includes loose lay flooring options like sheet vinyl, carpet squares, or loose lay planks. This type of flooring makes your garage look like an extension of your house, but it can be pulled up if you need to park your garage in the space over the winter.

You have several options in garage flooring. First, you must decide if you need flooring durable enough for vehicle use. If so, be sure to look for flooring options made specifically for garages and vehicle parking so the flooring lasts a long time and looks great while keeping the concrete protected.