Four Types Of Glass Shower Doors

Are you tired of getting water all over your bathroom floors? Do you want to shower without dealing with wet, clingy shower curtains? If so, you may benefit from upgrading to glass shower doors. The shower doors keep the water inside the shower enclosure without making a huge, slippery mess that can be dangerous. They also keep the warmth inside the shower better than shower curtains. There are four different types of glass shower doors that you can get.

Frameless Door

A frameless shower door is a customized glass shower door that is made to fit the exact width and length of your shower. It is made of thicker glass than other types of shower doors and has greater resistance. This gives it more durability which allows it properly function without heavy frames to hold it in place. Frameless doors have a sleek, clean look to them, making them a very popular choice for shower doors.

Frameless Enclosure

A frameless enclosure is the same idea as the frameless door. The difference is that the entire shower is frameless glass, not just the door itself. The shower area will be an open space with glass walls enclosing it. Shower enclosures are usually hexagonal or rectangular. It mainly depends on the layout of your bathroom and the size that you want to enclose. Frameless enclosures make the bathroom look a lot more spacious.

Curved Door

Frameless doors and enclosures may look nice, but they are pretty expensive. If you want a glass door without the hefty price tag that comes with frameless options, you could get a curved glass door. The curved glass operates on a frame attached to the bottom and top of the glass. It comes in two pieces. One of the pieces is stationary and the other one rolls open and closed. There are several types of glass and frame finish that you can select to make it match your specific tastes or bathroom theme.

Bi-Fold Door

Bi-fold doors are another great option for those who have a smaller budget—or a smaller bathroom. They fold in on themselves when you open the shower door. Bi-folds take up a lot less space when compared to other types of shower doors. The doors are attached at the top and bottom with frames to keep them in place.


If you are interested in upgrading to glass shower doors, contact a glass company in your area that specializes in glass shower doors. They will give you the rates for any project and walk you through the entire process of upgrading the doors.