Why You Really Need To Sweep Up Debris From Your Epoxy Floor

Epoxy floors are smooth and shiny, but like every other ground surface, dust, mud, dirt, debris, and litter can slowly build up and cause the floors to not only look bad, but to sustain damage, too. Epoxy is easy to care for, but don't let that ease make you complacent about not caring for it on a regular schedule. At the very least, you need to sweep up dust and debris, not only when you notice it, but on a set schedule to get the dust you haven't noticed yet.

Prevent Scratching

Dust and dirt may look like tiny particles, but some of those particles can be pebbles or twig bits that will scratch and chip the epoxy surface if dragged along by your foot. In other words, as you walk, you risk kicking the debris around and dragging it under the sole of your shoe. The result is a scratched floor that you have to resurface. It's much easier to simply sweep the floor regularly.

Expose Dirt

If you leave dirt, then cleaners on the floor aren't going to be as effective. They might remove most of the dirt, but any stains or dried mud on the floor under that loose dirt won't have the full benefit of the cleaning solution you used. It's like trying to use a spray cleaner to clean off a very dusty counter with only one rag. You get a lot of the dust off, but a lot is left behind because you can't pick all of it up, and it keeps getting wet and slimy from the cleaner, and you're left with streaks. It's much easier to dust the counter first and then use the cleaner.

Enhance Looks

Clean epoxy floors appear smooth and professional -- why wouldn't you want that sort of look for your floor, too? Sweeping up debris when you see it keeps the floor looking nice and well cared for. And while a little debris may not be that visible, and it can be a regular thing in home garages, it adds up. And too much dirt can "stain" the floor -- it might not seep into the epoxy, but compacted, dried dirt is hard to remove. It can make your floor look terrible.

If you've already neglected to keep the floors looking good and need to resurface the epoxy floor, contact a flooring company and have a new layer of epoxy added. This is a handy, durable surface that offers a lot of benefits, so don't give up and live with a scratched, dirty floor.