Are Shutters Worth It?

There are several different window treatments you can use to add shade to the interior of your windows. Blinds and shutters are generally the most common treatments used on residential windows. There are obviously some key differences between the two. This article looks at shutters, explaining some of the advantages they have compared to blinds.

Shutters vs. Blinds

Blinds are usually the cheaper of the two options. They are more basic and have less style to them. That being said, shutters come in very wide price ranges. There are high-end custom wood shutters that can cost thousands of dollars. There are prefabricated vinyl and composite shutters that are sold over the counter at pretty much any home improvement store. Even the most affordable shutter system is going to cost much more than the cheapest blinds. However, shutters are a worthwhile investment for a number of reasons.

The Perks of Using Shutters

There are several perks to installing shutters. Both blinds and shutters can add privacy by completely blocking your windows. But, with shutters, you can enjoy privacy while still letting light into your rooms if you want. For example, you could adjust your shutters, so they are open, but so that they still block the view of anyone on the outside. You can let light in even when you don't want anybody to be able to see inside.

Shutters can also add more insulation to your windows. The shutter layer, whether it is wood, vinyl, or any other material, is going to be more substantial than a fabric blind. This can slow down your heat transfer and make your windows more efficient. Since windows are often the leakiest and most susceptible to heat loss, it is very helpful to add shutters on top of them.

Shutter Styles

One of the best things about installing shutters is that they can add a new style dynamic to your windows. Shutters are usually made in coordination with the style around your window fixtures. That is, the molding and miters can be similar. If you have custom wood window casings, you can have custom wood shutters built to match. Wood shutters are the most stylish and they are loved by homeowners because they can be painted and/or stained. You have a lot of style freedom when you have real wood shutters.

If you can afford to invest in window shutters, they are worth it.