Preparing Your Carpeted Floors For Hardwood Flooring Installation

Updating your home's floors offers a convenient way to renovate your space without having to do a complete remodel. Transitioning from carpeting to hardwood floors updates the look of your home quickly and beautifully. If you are planning to install hardwood flooring, here are a few things you can do to prep for the installation.

Remove The Old Carpeting

You can have your flooring contractors remove your old carpeting for you, but removing it on your own is a simple do-it-yourself project you can do ahead of time. You can perform this project with the help of a carpet or utility knife. Cut a section of the carpet in any corner of the room and begin to pull the carpeting back. You can then use your knife to cut the carpet into smaller sections you can pull up easily. You may want to consider using knee pads or a gardening cushion for this project, as you will be resting on your knees for a considerable amount of time. If you are planning on using the remnants for other projects, roll up the pieces of carpet and secure them with plastic zip ties or wire.

Remove The Carpet Padding

The carpet padding will not necessarily come up as easily as the carpet. You may find that it has been stapled to your floors. If this is the case, you can use a small pry bar or a flat-head screwdriver to begin to loosen the staples. You can cut the padding into sections just as you did with the carpeting to make it more manageable. Once the padding has been removed, you'll want to need to scrape away any adhesive that may have been used to attach the padding to your floors. You can do this with a scraping tool. Be sure to contact your local waste management company about how to dispose of the padding and carpeting, as there may be certain restrictions for placing these items in your dumpster.

Clean The Subfloor

If you have a basic plywood sub-floor, use a heavy-duty shop vacuum to clean the floor ahead of your hardwood flooring installation. The vacuum should pick up any dust, dirt and debris on the floors, and it will pick up any staples left on the floor after you pulled up the padding. Once this portion of the project is complete, your floor should be ready for your new hardwood flooring installation.

Remember that if you have an older home or if you suspect the presence of asbestos underneath your carpeting, you should leave the carpet removal up to a professional. Check with your contractor before you remove your carpet to make sure that it is safe to tackle this project on your own. If your contractor gives you the go-ahead, you can easily prepare your floors for your new hardwood flooring. If you're looking for hardwood floor installation, visit B & D Floor Sanding.