How To Install Carpet

Installing your own carpet is a fairly easy job that can be done in just a few short hours and save you a lot of money. It can be done as a solo project or with the help of another if you wish to save some time in the process.

Materials and tools

To accomplish the job you'll need to purchase several important pieces. First is a product called smooth edge, which you'll find at your local hardware store. Smooth edge can be described as a long strip of narrow wood that is laid down on your subfloor. On the top side of the smooth edge you'll find dozens of short spikes which stick up vertically. These are used to help grip the carpet when it is laid down. On the bottom side of the smooth edge you'll find a few additional nails. These larger nails run down and are hammered from above in order to secure the smooth edge to the subfloor. Be sure to purchase enough smooth edge to line all of your walls. Additionally, this job will require enough foam underlay, as well as the carpet of your choice to cover the floor you're working on. You'll also need a few basic tools. These include a hammer, some safety goggles, a utility knife, a knee kicker and a bolster. Often times hardware stores sell these in packs.

Prep the subfloor

To begin, make sure your subfloor is clean and dry. If there is any leftover mortar on the floor then use a metal scraper to get rid of it. Vacuum or sweep up any dust or dirt and lay down your smooth edge to line all of the walls. Leave about a quarter inch space between the smooth edge and the walls and then hammer the large nails down into the subfloor until you feel the smooth edge is secured. Do this to all of the pieces until your walls are fully bordered. 

You can then lay your foam underlay down so that it coats your entire floor. Leave a couple of inches running up the side of the walls and trim it so that it fits inside the border of your smooth edge. You want the smooth edge to be visible as your carpet will attach to it.

Lay the carpet

Unroll your carpet and lay it down over the foam underlay, also leaving a few inches to ride up the walls. Once the carpet is in place get your knee kicker. Press the front of the knee kicker into the wall and use your knee to firmly push the carpet down onto the spikes on your smooth edge. You'll need to go around the perimeter of your walls performing the same action, making sure the carpet is secured to the smooth edge.

Once the carpet is all in place, get your utility knife. Pull back the extra carpet that is riding up the wall in one to two foot sections and cut it away leaving about a half inch remaining. You can then use your bolster to push the excess carpet down in the gap you left between the wall and the smooth edge. Perform this action around the perimeter of your walls. Give your carpet a good vacuum. Your job is complete!

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