A Guide To Coordinating New Window Treatments With Your Existing Home Decor

If your current window treatments are in need of replacement, it's important that you choose new ones that coordinate with the existing decor in your room, so your replacement of the treatments does not accidentally turn into an expensive, extensive redecorating project. There are four strategies that you can turn to when choosing new window treatments for an already-decorated space. Simply pick the strategy that works best for you.

Match the window treatments to your flooring.

Matching the window treatments to your floor creates a balanced look, since it draws the color of the floor up onto the walls. If your floor is made from a luxurious hardwood, for instance, look for wooden blinds made from the same or a similar wood. If you have colored carpet, look for drapes in the same color. To go even one step further, look for highly textured drapes so they resemble your carpet both in color and texture.

Use the window treatments to pull out a color that's otherwise understated in your decor.

Look around your room --  is there a color that you see in a few spots that you'd really like to emphasize more? Maybe, for example, there are touches of blue in all of your wall hangings, but the rest of the room is cream and sage green. Choosing window treatments in that understated color will bring it more into the forefront of your design.

Find window treatments that are as similar as possible to your existing treatments,

If you're absolutely in love with your current treatments, or they match and you simply don't feel like spending the time to explore other options, just look for window treatments that are as similar to them as possible. If you're having trouble finding drapes similar to your old ones, bring one of the drapes along with you to a home decor store, like Morris Paint & Floor Coverings Inc. The associates may be able to point you towards a similar style and color.

Pick simple, neutral treatments.

This strategy works best if your room is already loaded with a lot of colorful items. Pick window treatments in a soft, neutral beige or off white, and you'll tone down the look of the room a touch. These colors tend to coordinate with any color scheme, so this strategy saves you a bit of time.

Window treatments are one of the prime decor elements in many rooms, so it's important that you pick the right ones. With the strategies above, your windows will be looking pretty again in no time.